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Princess Rani Vanouska


Rani Vanouska T. Modely, original full name Her Highness (HH) Princess Rani Vanouska Rajamoutou Modely Prithviraja Tomara Chauhan de Ranthambhore Narayan Singh Devi, (known as Vanessa Modely),  is a top model, philanthropist, entrepreneur and public figure engaged in the social, human rights and education sector. 

She started to be active in politics as Goodwill Ambassador, a Special Adviser to the National French Commission of UNESCO and Vice President of UNESCO Circle, under the umbrella of the  Ministry of foreign affairs of France.


She is now the President of the Football World Heritage Organization, and the official ambassador delegate to lead the candidacy of Football as a world intangible heritage to be registered on UNESCO's list.

The most historic UNESCO candidacy that aims to federate the 185 member states, engaged in this nomination of Football on UNESCO’s World Heritage and she aspire to bring together : Royal families, Heads of State, UNESCO member states, world institutions, the great the icônes of culture, sport, economics and politics, as well as UNESCO and the UN in an international dialogue, for a better world.

Her goal is to use the power of football “to change the world” and promotion of human rights, especially through sport and art worldwide.



She is a descendant from one of the most leading houses of the Indian Empire. She is originally from French, British and Indo-european noble families. Her great grandfather was a famous philosopher of the highest Indian caste, he was considered a deity.


Princess Rajput, (daughter of a king) of the Chauhan royal dynasty, heiress of the direct lineage of King Hammira-Deva Chauhan of Ranthambhore, whose ancestor is none other than HRH Prithviraj Chauhan III, "the last Emperor of India'' who ruled the kingdoms of Ajmer and Delhi in northern India during the second half of the 12th century. His descendants controlled much of present-day Rajasthan and Haryana and ruled the princely states of western and northern India until the pre-independence era in 1947.


The Indian Empire, rich in spices and precious stones, has always been a dream of neighboring countries and Europeans who fought each other until independence.  Over the centuries and up to the present day, these princely states of Rajputana facing the Mogul Emperor, Bhutan and more recently the British Raj or "jewel of the crown", have been marked by wars, but also by numerous matrimonial alliances obligatorily emanating from the same Indian caste of the Kshatriyas with important families to strengthen their kingdoms.

As a fact, Rani Vanouska is related to a
British aristocratic lineage, but especially to Indian princely families which are still influential worldwide today.



Princess Rani Vanouska as a top model Vanessa Modely

She was spotted by a famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier at the age of 14 during her holidays
with her parents  in
Saint Barthélémy.

She joined the Elite model agency and started to use a short artistic form of her name.

Since than she was known as Vanessa Modely. She became an international model and worked for fashion brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.



Born in an aristocratic family, with very conservative values, she had no choice but to grow up in a global diplomatic environment. She could not give up on her studies and got help from a preceptor from Harvard University with her scientific studies.

She studied politics and followed her path in the High Studies of National Defense Institute ( I.H.E.D.N) in Paris where she specialized in Economical Intelligence.

She is a personality with an exemplary career from a very young age.

She grew up close to personalities from the highest economic and political spheres such as Vincent Bolloré, Xavier Niel, the Arnault family, Jean-Claude Decaux, Jean-Paul Agon, Prince Albert of Monaco and many others.


In 2014, she used to live between New York and Los Angeles, and returned to Paris and decided, with advice from Vincent Bolloré, to let her model career aside so she can use her time for humanitarian causes. She became the Ambassador of the Gusi Peace Prize, with the support of the President Jacques Chirac.

In 2015 she led her own Foundation advocating for responsible luxury and collaborated with the Ministry of Economy of France to promote social entrepreneurship. She met for the first time with Emmanuel Macron while he was Minister of economy in France.

At the beginning of 2015, she was named Goodwill Ambassador by Daniel Janicot, the President of the French National Commission of UNESCO, under the egide of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, as well as  special adviser to the Presidency of the commission for UNESCO.

In 2016, she also became Vice President for UNESCO Circle in France.


The “Cercle de la France à l'UNESCO”, of which Princess Rani Vanouska is the Vice President alongside Daniel Janicot, was born out of the partnership between the French National Commission for UNESCO - an organization that aims to strengthen the links between UNESCO and French society - and the Modely Organization - committed to the promotion of international excellence - and aims to develop education, science and culture.


These two organizations, which pursue distinct but complementary objectives. The French National of UNESCO decided to create an exceptional partnership and to cooperate together at the crossroads of their objectives.


Objectives of the French National Commission for UNESCO :


● Supporting educational action and learning

● Enhancing France's image abroad

● Encouraging creativity in education, science and culture


Objectives of the Modely Organization :


● To promote excellence and ensure the transmission of french know-how.

● Encouraging innovation and youth

● Valuing creativity in the fields of crafts and industry



Princess Rani Vanouska together with Arsene Wenger on Forbes cover

In August 2015,  she entered the football world as she was invited to represent UNESCO at the Champion’s league ceremony with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gianni Infantino and Prince Albert of Monaco.

At that time, she assisted in her first football match in the stadium Louis II  in Monaco.  

In January  2016 , she initiated her global project with different member states and ambassadors of UNESCO .

She is aiming to make football a world intangible cultural heritage of Humanity  at UNESCO. To her, Football is a reflection of our human society, and it is a universal culture that creates bridges for people all around the world without any distinction of race, age, sex, religion and language.

"We must break walls between all continents and open the doors of the world with the love of football shared by 4,8  billion people on our planet". Rani Vanouska

           Princess Rani Vanouska together with FIFA President Gianni Infantino


June 2016, Rani Vanouska T. Modely  becomes the bridge between FIFA and UNESCO. She is an official  guest of honor to the European Football Championship in France. Participating to every game, she was seeing next to many heads of states like Vladimir Putin or the emir of Qatar and international players as such as David Beckham. She confirms her convictions that  football has a big impact on nowadays world. She thinks that this impact has to be used for a good purpose: creating dialogue possibilities and promoting peace and respect around the World.

Her vocation is to create awareness on a peace message and  raise funds for the UNDP, the United Nations Development Program. This program advocates for good changes and for bringing knowledge and resources with an emphasis on the least developed countries.


"I chose adventure, discover real life, be close to the people, live my life as a mission, and work fully for a human project that is close to my heart" Rani Vanouska

She gathers all around her a prestigious committee of personalities, and she decides to carry its candidature for the Intangible World Heritage of UNESCO to launch a call for action to all the States members.


                      Princess Rani Vanouska together with David Beckham  

In March  2018, she was officially appointed by the Heads of States as the deputy ambassador to the candidacy of Football World Heritage through an official letter to Audray Azoulay, UNESCO director.

It is through the strong values of respect, solidarity, humanity and fair play conveyed by football that Princess Rani Vanouska,  will launch this worldwide project in partnership with the football authorities, with the support of the Havas group and Jacques Séguéla, who has been at her side since the beginning.


Today, she has the support of the FIFA, the FFF, the UEFA, the African Union (54 countries), the International Organization for Francophonie (84 countries), the Mayor of Paris and a lot of economic, political and cultural personalities.

Rani Vanouska T. Modely has launched the FWH project during the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. Since then, she has travelled all over the world on the field meeting children from every nation.

 In December 2019, Rani Vanouska made the pages of FORBES magazine with Arsene Wenger and unveiled the WORLD LEADER IN THE TOP 100 FOOTBALL, who are the most influential personalities in the world of football. Today, she carries the torch of these universal values. Its mission is to work, deploy and engage in educational, scientific, cultural and human actions to highlight the recognition of football as "world heritage" with the duty to promote, restore, promote education, to safeguard it and to preserve it. leave to all peoples and future generations for the World cup.

Rani Vanouska wearing "Les Émeraudes de Vénus"

On the 8th of July 2020, Princess Rani Vanouska T.Modely donated Emeralds and Diamonds jewels, in favor of Football as World Heritage. The prestigious house Christie’s is auctioning several pieces of high jewelry, including "les Emeraudes de Venus'' offered by Princess Rani Vanouska T. Modely. This unique and historic pair of earrings artfully combines 15 carats of oval emeralds and rare diamonds.


The Princess, committed to her fight for peace and the inscription of football on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is donating her own jewels for the benefit of the cause she is leading around the world, for children in particular. Dedicated to the ennoblement of the world's most popular sport, she wants to highlight its universal values of sharing and fraternity. Beyond words, it is through actions that she wishes to inspire more solidarity in the world.



                Princess Rani Vanouska with HSH Prince Albert of Monaco 

On the 27th of April 2020, Rani Vanouska T. Modely established a partnership between Football World Heritage and Peace and Sport, under the patronage of HSH the Prince Albert of Monaco.


On the 21st of December 2020, Rani Vanouska T. Modely established and became President of Football World Heritage Organisation registered under the laws of England and Wales in the United Kingdom, supported by a committee of international experts and personalities like Arsene Wenger (FIFA) and Jacques Séguéla (HAVAS group).

On the 11th of February 2021, she intended to the FIFA World Club Championship 2021 in Doha, and met with the Supreme Committee regarding the FIFA World Cup 2022.


Princess Rani Vanouska in Al Kass TV

During an interview on Al Kass TV streamed on 19th of February 2021, she announces Qatar’s prolific striker Ali Almoez as an ambassador for his country Qatar to join the global movement in the run up for the World cup 2022.

Princess Rani Vanouska signing pledge together with Qatari player Ali Almoyez in the name of Football World Heritage Organisation

Arsene Wenger signing pledge together with Qatari player Ali Almoyez in the name of Football World Heritage Organisation

On the 17th of February, Rani Vanouska together with Arsene Wenger (FIFA) , officially to recognize Ali Almoez, signed officially the pledge for the support of the candidacy of football as a World Heritage of Humanity to be registered on UNESCO’s list.

“Together with our modern-day heroes like Messi, Beckham, Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, Arsène Wenger, Cristiano Ronaldo, FIFA, the African Union and all football lovers from all nations of the world, we want to make this appeal a symbol of humanism so that thoughts and actions become one to bring smiles on all children’s faces - "Stronger Together".”

 Princess Rani Vanouska


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