Football World Heritage, Princess Rani Vanouska Modely and UNESCO

We wish to provide you some supporting information Football World Heritage project " the Football UNESCO’s World Cultural Intangible Heritage candidacy", initiated by HH Princess Rani Vanouska T. Modely and her historic activities relating to UNESCO.

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. UNESCO's programmes contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015. 

  •  July 2015, the President of the National Commission of France for UNESCO wrote to Ms Modely proposing various collaborative activities. (See official letter)
  •  September 2015, Ms. Modely signed a contract with M. Daniel Janicot, President of the National Commission for UNESCO in Paris in which she was nominated as a goodwill ambassador for an unlimited period of time. (See convention)

        Article 1 of this agreement stipulates, in particular:

"It is agreed that Ms. Vanessa Modely will assist the President of the French National Commission for UNESCO in promoting UNESCO's actions.

Ms.  Modely's mission is to raise awareness about UNESCO, its actions and to make their programs known to civil society (associations, private sector, general public), as well as to solicit partners and supporters; and this on a voluntary basis.

She will have a role of representation with the media and other means of communication and she will work to obtain partnerships and donations in various forms to the programs for UNESCO.

In order to carry out these functions, Ms. Modely is appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador"

HH Princess Rani Vanouska T. Modely and Président Daniel Janicot signing the convention as goodwill ambassador at the National French Commission for UNESCO.  

  • November 2015, President Daniel Janicot proposed further collaboration between the French national commission for UNESCO and Ms Modely, including Organisation Modely, which aims to promote and support creative industries in France.
  • January 2016, in response to the November request, Ms Modely and the French national commission signed an additional contract under which Ms Modely was to assist in the creation of a Circle of France for UNESCO, and was appointed as Presidente Delegate of this Circle for a four year period, extendable. (See convention attached)
  • Ms. Modely undertook various activities related to the work of the French National Commission (under the auspices of Ministry of Foreign Affair) and UNESCO including:
    • Various meetings with industry chiefs in France to promote UNESCO values;
    • Invitations in her capacity as Goodwill Ambassador to attend football games in the official box; and
    • Speaking engagements
  • This collaboration with UNESCO has allowed Ms. Modely to develop officially with the support of State members in 2018 the project to register Football as an intangible heritage of UNESCO. 
  • Ms Modely was asked by the State members to independently developed the concept of football as world heritage and the proposal to nominate football to be recognised as intangible world heritage by UNESCO. Supported by Jacques Séguela (HAVAS) she began to campaign for football to be identified as intangible cultural patrimony. Various personalities and experts agreed to join an advisory committee to support the project.  An African member state submitted a formal application to UNESCO in support of the project in 2018 and nominates Ms. Modely as the Ambassador delegate to carry out officially this candidacy in a letter addressed to Audrey Azoulay, General Director of UNESCO. The project was discussed with numerous sports personalities, including Antoine Griezman, who publicly pledged their support.
  • To achieve this goal, Ms Modely is selecting ambassadors from every country of the world to gather support of each of the 185 countries which aims to be the most historical candidacy at UNESCO. Ms Modely has to do so as a separate body, it has to be a global movement independent and distinct from UNESCO itself.
  • This initiative has already received the support of FIFA, the UEFA, the FFF, the African Union (54 countries), the International Organization for Francophonie (84 countries), the Arab Nations of UNESCO, the Paris Mayorship and a lot of economic, political and cultural personalities.
  • September 2018, after the formal launch of her project, Ms Modely received an official letter from Laurent Stéfanini of the French Delegation of UNESCO addressed to Ms Modely confirming that the delegation was ready to support her project.
  • Several member states have already pledged their support to the Football World Heritage project, not least an African Permanent Delegation for UNESCO in March 2018 who launched the candidacy (letter attached addressed to Audrey Azoulay with the nomination of Ms Modely as the ambassador delegate to the state members of UNESCO for this candidacy), but also the Groupe Arab of UNESCO in December 2018 (see letter attached)
  • April 27th 2020, Ms Modely established a partnership between Football World Heritage and Peace and Sport, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.
  • As President of Football World Heritage, Ms Modely was invited by the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee in Doha, to attend the FIFA World Clubs Cup 2021, and met various directors, Football people like other sports personalities, who supports the project and signed the Football World Heritage pledge.
  • Ms Modely have been from the outset and since, that the candidacy is for football to be recognised as intangible patrimony, which UNESCO itself notes has evolved as a concept “to embrace living culture and contemporary expressions”. The approach is consistent with the Convention of 2003. (same as recently proposed by the UAE and Oman, chidaoba wrestling in Georgia, Korean martial arts, or charreria equestrianism in Mexico, all of which have been on the list of intangible cultural heritage.)

HH Princess Rani Vanouska T. Modely wants to use the "Power of football" to support United Nations programs for education, science, culture and climate change, with a special focus on children. 


         a.     The objective is the inscription of football on the UNESCO World Heritage List with an audience of 4.8 billion people on the planet through a universal goal: a better world.

 This Football UNESCO's candidacy would create a space for dialogue, to bring all peoples together, and thus affirm the universal dimension of football within all the nations of the world in the service of PEACE for the FIFA World Cup, specially in Covid 19 difficult time.

b.     This candidacy  would place Football at the center of United Nation’s programs and the accomplishment of their missions everywhere on earth, spread its values through concrete actions, daily. That’s the mission: Ms Modely want to use football as tool to support charity actions focus on education with children and our planet.

c.     From now until the next World cup, Football World Heritage will accelerate its global campaign, with the support of experts and candidacy UNESCO ambassadors, to bring together the public and the 185 member states in an historic application to UNESCO.

Finally : 

·       The aim of this candidacy, and tomorrow of this UNESCO label, is to gain recognition for the challenge of social and cultural openness that soccer brings at a time when the world is tending to close its social and economic borders. 

·       The objective is also to encourage the signatory states of UNESCO and the world of soccer to adopt policies to support and finance social, educational and charitable initiatives by signing our Football World Heritage pledge. 

·       Our mission is to unite all soccer leaders around this project so that more than ever, soccer will be the symbol of universality and sharing in an open and peaceful world.


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